Cool Cool Bathroom images

By | December 16, 2018

Some cool cool bathroom images:

bathroom, 1am
cool bathroom
Image by andrew cooke
last night i couldn’t sleep. at about 1am i went into the bathroom, which was full of this amazing light.

the photo looked nothing like how it felt – in the end i made this, using hdr to drop contrasts (perhaps not necessary, but it’s easier to use hdr and then "take the right exposure" by mapping from the full range image than to get the correct exposure in the dark – the longest here was 60secs), and then flattening out the curves further and setting the white balance.

(you know, i read that, and i wonder about people who, when asked about processing, say things like (you know who you are!) "it stops being a photo and becomes something like a painting" and then i immediately think of page after page from ansel adams, worrying about zones, addressing exactly the same problem… not, for a minute, that i am comparing himself to him (i hope my photos are less boring :o), but in the end it’s the same issue – for me, using technology as a tool (in adams’s case, light meters and consistent film response), rather than making a sacred cow from the traditions of the past)

(for me – i know this is a purely personal choice and everyone selects different "artistic constraints", which is completely cool… – i wish just one of my photos was as good as this from zaida, who i am quoting above)

getting back to the image, i might as well note that i am trying to use geometry to make things more "surreal". does it work, at all?

[emotional response] see text above. difficult to separate my memories of that vision from this photo, so i don’t know if it "works".

Nice and Clean
cool bathroom
Image by Tobyotter
Ready for stuffing and roasting. Best part is I get four drumsticks.

Actually, Frank was sound asleep on the nice and cool bathroom floor.

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