Image from page 72 of “Honor bilt modern homes.” (1921)

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Image from page 72 of “Honor bilt modern homes.” (1921)
best bathroom design
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Identifier: HonorBiltModernHomes
Title: Honor bilt modern homes.
Year: 1921 (1920s)
Authors: Sears. Roebuck and Co.
Subjects: house plans — catalogs domestic architecture prefabricated houses kit houses
Publisher: Sears, Roebuck & Co.
Contributing Library: MBJ collection

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s space for the refrigerator and above it handyshelves that will save many a trip to the basement. The land .ng is lightbecause the door is glazed. Paint for three coats outside, your choice of color. Varnish and woodfiller for two coats of interior finish. Stratford Design ha dware, seepage 121. We furnish our best Quality Guaranteed mill work, shown on pages118 and 119. Interior doors are five-cross panel, with trim and flooringto match, all yellow pine, in beautiful grain and color. Windows are madeof clear California white pine, with good quality glass set in with bestgrade of putty. Basement under entire house 7 feet high. Built on a concrete and brick foundation; No. 1 yellow pine framinglumber. Sided with narrow bevel clear cypress siding. Seventeen-yearguaranteed Fire-Chief Shingle Roll Roofing for the roof. Height ofrooms, 9 feet from floor to ceiling. See Description of Honor Bilt Houses onPage 7. This house can be built with the rooms re-versed. See page 3.I q&. 0< ^

Text Appearing After Image:
OPTIONS Furnished with 2 rooms in attic, with single ■ floor, 8.00 extra. See floor plan. Sheet Plaster and Plaster Finish to take the place of wood lath, 5,00 extra; with attic, 3.00. See page 114.Oak Doors, Trim and Floors in living and dining room, instead of yellow pine, 0.00 extra.Maple Flooring for kitchen and bathroom, instead of yellow pine, no extra charge.Storm Doors and Windows, .00 extra.Screen Doors and Windows, black wire. .00 extra; galvanized wire, .00 extra.If Brick Mantel is not wanted, deduct .00. This housecan be builton a lot 34 feetwide. For prices ofPlumbing,Heating, Wir-ing, ElectricFixtures andShades seepage 115.

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best bathroom design
Image by 150hp
We took a road trip to Mason City, IA to stay @ the Historic Park Inn Hotel. The last remaining Frank Lloyd Wright designed and built hotel in the world. We stayed for two nights in the middle of the week in the Historic Suite. From the hotel website: "The Historic Suite was originally two guest rooms that shared a bathroom in between. It was sold as two separate rooms and considered quite an upgrade back in 1910. It has been restored to its original state, complete with wall mounted sinks, an original clawfoot tub and a full size brass bed. We have combined it to be rented as a two room suite with a private bath". What was interesting was that the manager called us about a week before our visit concerned that we had booked this suite but felt it would not be enough space for our family of four. We were offered the Premier Suite as a free upgrade. The only problem we told them was we wanted the two rooms so the children could go to bed early & the adults could stay up longer. The Premier was only one large room. They understood & we kept our reservations as is. very thoughtful. The children enjoyed the stay but were let down by the lack of a pool. Then during our tour of the building, we were told there was a "ballroom" & that we could tour that as well. The children’s eyes lit up @ that offer. Then when we got to the large open room, they looked around for the "ball pit" & were quite disappointed. All was made right when the end of our trip included a stay @ the Blue Harbor Water-park resort in Sheboygan, Wi which did have a pool. But still, no ball pit.

How much does it cost to be green? 1.
best bathroom design
Image by Jasmic
Part 1.

In recent times there has been much talk about ‘being green’, trying to save the environment through our life choices, making less of an impact on our one and only planet. Living in Germany we have seen how things can be done with just a little effort, one of them being the use of dual flush cisterns on toilets. Without going into too much detail, you can choose how much water is used to flush the loo. It seemed such an obvious thing to do that we decided to have this fitted in our new wet room that we are having built in our home in England.

This is a view of the front of the new flush system. This caused so many problems that you just wouldn’t believe it. The idiotic plumber we had come to check our stuff started having a go at us, asking why had we decided to buy ‘foreign rubbish’ (yeah, like loads of loo’s are made in the UK these days…) that they designed these things without thinking about how they are maintained. Not being plumbers ourselves we went back to the shop we bought it from, to be shown that you basically take the flush plate off, put your hand in, twist the mechanism and slide it out!

Oh, this is all designed and made by Grohe, a German company. As a nation the Germans are well known for not being efficient and not thinking things through. I don’t think! In fact, our search for the dual flush plate led us straight to Grohe, as there were virtually no others available in the UK, they certainly were not available at the vast majority of the high street bathroom improvement stores..

And the answer to how much? Not much more than a standard loo actually. Not much more at all.

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